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ACI Releases its 2012 Airport Economics Report

The Report provides a comprehensive view of the industry’s 2011/2012 financial performance  

MONTRÉAL, 23 April 2013 – ACI is pleased to announce the release of its 2012 ACI Airport Economics Report.

In its 17th edition, the Report provides an invaluable measure of the airport industry’s 2011/2012 financial and economic performance based on an annual data survey of the world’s airports. Subsequent in-depth analysis was provided by ACI’s Economics, Data and Statistics Team.

The 2012 ACI Airport Economics Report is based on data collected from close to 700 airports that handled 3.76 billion passengers or 70 percent of 2011 worldwide passenger traffic. The 2012 Report was significantly expanded to cover new themes and indicators that include airport infrastructure, employment, outsourcing, ownership and regulatory models. As in previous years, financial information such as industry aeronautical and non-aeronautical income, expenses and net profit are integral elements of the report.

Abridged and Comprehensive Reports

Two versions of the Report have been prepared in response to audience analytical needs. The Abridged Report provides a broad industry snapshot, whereas the Comprehensive Report provides detailed analytical sections and performance indicators. Both versions are based on the identical sample data set of airports.

ACI 2012 Airport Economics Report



Key industry financial summaries

Industry outlook on airport finance and privatisation by Big Pond Aviation

Privatized airports and planned investments by airport compiled by Momberger Airport Information

Analytical sections by theme with graphs and tabular outputs


Detailed Statistical Annex covering selected Key Performance Indicators



ACI PUBLICATIONS: ACI Airport Economics Report

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1.  2012 PDF Abridged Report (Now Available for Sale) $150.00 USD $300.00 USD
3.  2012 PDF Comprehensive Report
Includes: Statistical Annexes* in PDF format only
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$600.00 USD $1400.00 USD
Past Issues in PDF Format: 1997–2011 (Specific Year) $50.00 USD $125.00 USD


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Notes for Editors

ACI 2012 Airport Economics Report (Abridged Report)

The Abridged Report was produced for those who require a broad industry snapshot based on a few key financial measures. All ACI members (official representatives) will receive a complimentary copy of this publication.

This report is divided into four sections:

  1. Methodology: Composition of sample, coverage and international comparability
  2. Industry Highlights: Events affecting air transport demand and provides a synopsis of airport income by region. A distribution of non-aeronautical income by source and region as well as a breakdown of industry operating expenses are summarized for the industry.
  3. Outlook: Airport finance and privatization: Outlook on airport finance and privatisation by Big Pond Aviation
  4. Who Owns and manages privatized airports? Exhaustive list of privatized airports and planned investments by airport (compiled by Momberger Airport Information).

ACI 2012 Airport Economics Report (Comprehensive Report)

The Comprehensive Report contains several exhaustive analytical sections based on an expanded array of performance indicators.

Methodology: Composition of sample, coverage and international comparability

  1. The Economic Environment: A synopsis of the global economic environment and
  2. Airport Markets: Insights into factors affecting airport demand and supply from regional forecasts of passenger demand to the availability of infrastructure.
  3. Costs and Productivity: Detailed analysis on the economics of airport operating expenses and capital costs through selected performance indicators.
  4. Airport Income and Financial Performance: Presents the main sources and drivers of airport revenues as well as industry measures of financial performance.
  5. Airport Ownership and Regulation: A unique viewpoint on airport performance through the lens of privatization and regulatory context.
  6. Debt and Capital Expenditure: A glimpse into airports’ debt burden relative earnings and the growth in CAPEX.
  7. 2012 Review and Outlook: An expert viewpoint from Big Pond Aviation on the latest developments in aviation and the airport industry.
  8. Statistical Annexes*
  9. Who Owns and manages privatized airports?: Exhaustive list of privatized airports and planned investments by airport (compiled by Momberger Airport Information).

*Statistical Annexes – Performance Indicators
While individual airport financial data is not presented in the report, over 100 financial and economic indicators are summarized as aggregates by region, size category, regulatory model and ownership structure in the report’s annex.