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ACI Signs Memorandum of Understanding of APEX in Safety with Airports Authority of India

Montreal, 24 May 2012 – Today, in Singapore at the 7th ACI Asia Pacific Regional Assembly, Conference & Exhibition, Airports Council International (ACI) and Airports Authority of India (AAI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on ACI’s Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety programme.
As part of the MOU, ACI will provide assistance to AAI to improve safety performance through safety assessment and reviews, implementation of safety management systems, gap analysis, recommending solutions and designing action plans to enhance the level of safety at Indian Airports identified by AAI.

Mr. V.P. Agrawal, Chairman, AAI stated, “The responsibility of Airports Authority of India is to manage the entire Indian Airspace spanning approximately 2.8 million square nautical miles of National Indian Airspace, covering the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. Today, AAI signed the MOU with ACI concerning its APEX in Safety programme for Airports in order to make our airport operations even safer in accordance with ICAO directives and guidelines and through the assistance of ACI’s safety partners, which benefits from the safety expertise of airport experts worldwide. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management to be a world-class organization and a major hub in Asia Pacific.”

As the leader of the airports industry, ACI is pleased to facilitate a partnering process whereby each airport by virtue of its unique characteristics, strengths and knowledge can contribute to helping others improve safety compliance and mitigate the risks of airport incidents worldwide. The expected outcomes of ACI’s APEX in Safety programme includes tangible increases in safety and compliance by members in response to specific needs identified by participating airports with the ultimate goal of reducing the potential for airport safety incidents.

According to Ms. Angela Gittens, ACI World Director General, “The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding with Airports Authority of India is a significant milestone for the community of airports. Our first APEX in Safety review was at Lomé-Tokoin Airport in Togo on 8 September 2011 and today, we have a partnership agreement with one of the largest airport authorities in the world. They have committed to the mission of airports helping each other to make our industry safe. We look forward to joining up more safety partners as we extend ACI’s Airport Excellence in Safety programme to all airports that desire assistance.”

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